What are face-lift filaments?

Is a kind of high medical thread, which is used to tighten the face.

In this procedure, the surgeon does not surgically remove the skin, but inserts and pulls them into the face.

The cosmetic lines raise the so-called “healing response” of the body, resulting in the production of large amounts of collagen in the treated areas.

Collagen is an essential ingredient for maintaining the skin and does the following:

Collagen plays a role in delaying the aging process and maintaining young skin.

Collagen helps support “growth factors” that greatly affect the condition of our skin, as well as its use to treat wound healing.

Collagen helps to keep our skin strong and fresh.

As we age, our bodies gradually produce less collagen, resulting in an 80% reduction in skin thickness at the age of 70 years. This loss in volume and strength is a major factor in skin sagging and the appearance of wrinkles.

When the skin becomes weak, it can no longer support the tissue underneath it sufficiently, which means gravity pulls it down, making it flabby.

This process provides a continuous and gradual regeneration of facial tissue, patients who have surgical threads for the purpose of stimulating collagen will notice a gradual improvement in the shape and texture of their skin.

Fortunately, the threads are very thin, do not feel the patient, and does not cause problems when the skin is healing around.

Who is the right candidate for face-lift?

Typically the ideal candidate is:

If he is older than the late 30s and early 1950s, if he is larger than that, face-lift surgery is best suited to him.

Tummy tuck can be performed for older people if there are medical reasons to prevent them from performing cosmetic surgery, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

What are the advantages of face-lift?

We will explain the most important advantages of face-tightening:

The recovery time is less than the surgery.

Easy and simple procedure.

Anesthesia used in face-lift is usually local anesthesia.

Less risk compared to surgical face-lift.

It takes only half an hour, and its result is immediate.

How To Recover From Face Tension Scissors

You may need to take a three-day vacation.

Some may suffer from a few side effects, such as pain, redness and swelling, and your doctor may prescribe painkillers.

It is important to make sure that you do not rub your face vigorously during cleansing or moisturizing it for at least one week after the cosmetic procedure.

You should also try lifting your head a little while you sleep