What is Hair Prosthesis?

Hair prosthesis is a medical technique that does not require a surgery, or medicine, does not bring pain and applied to hair loss cases caused by various reasons.

Our customers come to our center because of hair loss, our experts take hair samples from them, and then the hair design starts. Prepared with a great care in “New Image” company’s laboratories in America, the hair gets sent to our center and then we apply it to the problematic spots with medical solutions.

Later on, the procedure of cutting and styling starts. In a very short time, the customer obtains a lot of natural looking hair. He/she can brush or style his/her hair anytime, can do sports, swim, and do any social activities…

What Are the Advantages of Prosthetic Hair?

Many people have regained their hair thanks to hair prosthesis. If you love yourself and think that your hair is the most important accessory of yours, it is still not too late… The advantages of prosthetic hair

Prosthetic hair systems do not have any side effects, but has many advantages.

  • Prosthetic hair is not harmful at all.
  • It is porous and air-permeable, the growing hair keeps growing.
  • The bottom part is compatible with human skin. The roots of the hair are visible.
  • It is a system copied out of human hair, so it is natural.
  • It is not noticeable by others; no one will notice it unless you say it.
  • You can get balayage, highlights, or make it curly, straight, and so on at the hairdresser.
  • You can swim in the sea, and the pool or even do extreme sports easily.
  • It will make you look at least 10 years younger. It ends the baldness that make you look older than your actual age.
  • In a very short time, you will have plenty of shiny hair. You can style it as you like.

Applying Hair Prosthesis

Having plenty of healthy hair is the desire of everyone. However, unfortunately people sometimes lose hair because of physiological or psychological problems. You do not have to lose your self-confidence because of this… Because you have a chance to get your hair back in a very short time, with no pain and no surgery. The ones who cannot dare to have an operation, but facing with the problems of baldness or hair loss may prefer prosthetic hair. Before applying hair prosthesis, the specialists take hair samples and styles to examine.

The hairstyle gets prepared by taking the individual’s age and forehead structure into consideration. This style and the sample get sent to the labs in America, where the prosthetic hair is prepared. The experts apply this system that is able to mask the whole problematic spot in private rooms. The process takes 1,5 hours. Afterwards, the hair gets styled with a haircut according to the individual’s wish. Prosthetic hair is not harmful for neither the hair lying underneath the prosthesis nor for the skin. With one session one can have shiny and plenty of hair. After prosthesis is applied, the individual does not have any limitation of movement in his/her life. Hence, he/she can take a bath, wash his/her hair, do sports or swim in the sea. It is impossible to differentiate the prosthetic hair from natural hair.

Solution in Three Stages

MEASURING:Doing the first step of the application of hair placement, ‘measuring’, with no mistakes will play an important role in the further steps. In this stage, a bio-metrical hair design is formed for the spot with hair loss. Local hair density gets determined. Hair’s characteristics, such as color, thickness, length of waves, gets determine thoroughly. It takes around 6 weeks to turn the pre-design to real design.


The success of the application is closely related to measuring and the production stage. At this stage, the hair prosthesis is applied with special medical products covering the area that has been designed.


In this last stage, the individual farewells hairless areas after a haircut that fits his/her face. At this point, It is important to pay attention to realize this stage by a very professional person in this field, otherwise the prosthetic hair will not look natural. Finishing the last stage with a professional haircut is very important for the easy usage of the prosthetic hair. If this very important stage is not done by a well educated professional, the image of the hair might be far away from aesthetics and also look unnatural. It is essential to finish the final stage with a professional haircut in order to use the hair easily and freely.

Hair Prosthesis at Chemotherapy

 During this period, the patients usually prefer using wigs. However, wigs are not really a very comfortable method regarding our daily life conditions. The nets and the synthetic materials underneath the wigs discomfort the patients and they irritate the skin. The wigs that are even placed with great care may fall off while dressing up or walking when there is wind. This situation is not a desired situation by our patients. Moreover, wigs do not cost too less compared to the cost of hair prosthesis. Because of this, the recent hair prosthesis techniques give a positive benefit to the patient. Hair prosthesis is a technique done by only copying human hair.

We are one of the most successful hair prosthesis companies in Turkey. we have obtained a lot of success by using the newest hair prosthesis techniques. In the end, a complete natural appearance is obtained and the people can style their hair however they wish and use it as if it was their real hair.

Guaranteed Hair Prosthesis

 Your Hair Center works with “New Image“ company, located in America. Our hair prosthesis systems and “Quantum System” hair application – only produced for our center- are available with different guarantee options, and all guaranteed.

Including “New Image” and “Pro-Gen”, all of the hair products that you will provide from your hair center come from America.

Your hair center has the most extensive guarantee in hair prosthesis systems in Turkey. It works with a professional team.

Your hair center is a business, which is fully entitled, certified as a management with a license and a technical authorization document in hair prosthesis systems.