What is Rhinoplasty?

It is the process of reshaping the nose, which is sometimes referred to as reshaping the nose. Although this process is primarily cosmetic, it is to increase the harmony and proportion between the nose and other facial features, but it is often performed to treat problems and respiratory disorders caused by abnormalities or defects in the structure of the nose, and due to exposure to some incidents.

Rhinoplasty can be performed in several forms including:

Change the size of the nose whether to reduce it or enlarge it.

Change the width of the nose, the size or position of the nasal rabbit.

Elevate clear nasal or affecting the overall shape of the face, or to increase the symmetry of the nose.

There are several things to consider in order determining the eligibility of the individual to conduct this type of nose operations, including:

The growth of facial bones must be complete. The procedure cannot be performed in childhood or adolescence. The bones of the face must be intact and do not contain any kind of deformation.

The candidate for these operations should be in good health and the patient should not be smoking because smoking causes complications and increases the expected recovery time.

The patient should look forward to realistic results and be prepared to accept the change that will occur in his or her form as a result of this process.

recovery period after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a minor surgery that does not require a long recovery. The patient can leave the hospital the day after surgery and sometimes on the same day. However, it is different from person to person, and the technique used in surgery causes severe variation in recovery periods. Therefore, it is necessary to comply with the doctor’s instructions after surgery to ensure a healthy and rapid recovery.

After the operation, the nose is different and its shape begins to change gradually as the swelling subsides. And the obligation to take prescribed treatment and avoids exposure to sunlight as much as possible, reaching the final form of the nose in a period of two weeks to 12 weeks.

Do not be afraid if you find your nose tight and swollen after removing the surgical mold. after about a week of surgery. This is quite normal, and sometimes it may take a full year after surgery to get the final image of the nose. Be patient and comply fully with your doctor’s instructions.

Results before and after surgery

You should take into account that the period of recovery after the operation is an important period and must be treated with care and follow the instructions of the doctor to ensure access to the shape of the nose you want, as any imbalance in the healing of the skin or the parts below it leads to imbalance in the shape of the nose later, Follow the medical guidelines carefully in the post-operative period.

Results evaluated within one year of surgery, and after total swelling in the nasal area are eliminated. The person must be ready to accept this large change in the shape of the face that will result from the change of the shape of the nose.