What is a prominent ear?

The prominent ear, sometimes called the hypothalamus, is abnormal ear growth or more than usual, or some kind of deformity in the growth of the cartilage of the ear leads to its appearance more than normal and make it visible from the head cannot be noticed.

A prominent ear is sometimes hereditary, but statistics and studies show that 30% of the children are born with normal ears, but they stand out and grow during growth. Sometimes the ears stand together, and at other times one ear prominent more than the other.

The doctors have certain measurements and standards of the ear and angles of the distance from the head vary by type and age. if the consensus of doctors prominent ears may require treatment by the desire of the patient.

In fact, it is not harmful and anyone who undergoes the treatment of the ear is motivated to avoid the psychological impact it causes.

As we have mentioned, the psychological state of the human being is greatly influenced by the appearance, the prominent ear is one of the aesthetic manifestations, with the overall shape of the face when looking at him, and many of those who have prominent ear suffer from anxiety and shame and social tension and loss of self-confidence and the internal sense of loss of beauty and gravity because of it , And may lead over time to deeper psychological and social problems within the human body, and the emphysema of the prominent ears restore confidence again.

The most affected by the psychological state caused by the prominent ear are children, so we find most of those subject to the process of them. When the child begins to understand and get out of the house and the umbrella of his parents’ love to the outside society will find it different. As the children are alert and very observant, the other children will notice the shape of his prominent ears. This may lead them to harass him, ridicule him and even discard him sometimes. The shape of his ears prominent what will distort his psychology and will lead to the growth of many decades and various psychological problems.

Ear treatment without surgery

When baby before the six months old, the treatment of the prominent ear without surgery is easy and common. The cartilage in the child is very flexible and easy to use. The formation and leadership can then be adjusted so as not to grow in the wrong direction.

Treatment can be performed by wearing a baby splint or a rubber ear mask that instructs the ear to grow in the right direction, or sometimes this can be done by tying the head and ears so the ears grow close to the head and do not move away from it. If the child is older than 6 months, the cartilage of the ear becomes more rigid and difficult to control its growth, so surgery is the only remaining solution.

Results of the process

Before the operation, the suffering is psychological, both in children and adults because of the prominent ear, but after the process many people changed their lives and improved because of their desire to get rid of a problem that caused them distress and embarrassment, many parents found happiness and comfort appear on their child who was previously harassed And the words of the majority of his peers because of his ears and became after the operation is no different for them.

Many of the adults felt comfortable after the operation and trusted themselves back, especially girls who felt a constant need to shed their hair on their ears to hide them are able to cut hair and raise it and change his way as often as without anxiety or loss of confidence in themselves.