Why am losing my hair?

The genetics is main reason for hair loss, men and women inherit the hair-loss from one or both parents, men are most affected by the gene inherited, such as testosterone, which activates the genetic program and cause the hair loss, There is no known way to stop this type of hair loss, start date, the extent of hair loss, an average of one person to another, can be severe disease or malnutrition or vitamin deficiency that accelerates this process, also the wrong use of placebos chemical and dye hair, may damage hair follicles to the degree can become baldness. wearing hats, excessive use of shampoo, or lack of blood flow, are not reasons for loss Hair.

Do the hair transplants useful?

Certainly hair transplant useful, provided that they are the right way after taking into account the state of the hair and scalp and causes of hair loss, taken transplanted hair from one area called (the donor area) and transferred to another area called (receiving area), it can not be rejected because it is not a tapestry strange, transplanted hair retains the same characteristics, color, fabric, the growth rate and the same curl hair, maintaining the planted follicles by supplying the blood appropriately to the scalp, in the past, hair transplant was process in a large circular patches contain 15-20 hairs to give noticeable results, over the years has develop tools and techniques to allow a natural outcome, by planting small plots too close together, we found that the hair grows from the scalp follicles comprising one, two or three hairs. and we move these follicles after getting rid of excess fatty tissue around it, and this can put in very close patches to each other, wich giving a natural result and more dense hair.

What happens after hair transplant?

This depends on extent of compliance with the instructions given after surgery, We offer an especial tips for our patients, in addition to medical bag filled with useful materials and pharmaceuticals after the operation. there is often small scars on the scalp consists in transplanted area , it will disappear these scars mostly during 4-7 days, and can re-use shampoo 24 hours after a hair transplant, we advise you to take time off from work for a period of at least two days after a hair transplant, you should  avoid the burdensome work for at least five days after a hair transplant. often transplanted hair will fall within 2-4 weeks, to start new growth by 3-4 months, and increases length nearly half an inch each month.

Is hair transplant process painful?

The pain is very simple during a hair transplant, it is expected that there will be some of discomfort as a result of injection into the scalp, that is skin numb, if the effect of the anesthesia gone during surgery, inject more of it to re numb the area again.

How it will look like after surgery?

the follicles transplanted will leave some scars during the next days after surgery, if the person has enough hair, he can hide the impact of these scars through hairdressing in a creative way, but if he did not have,it may be scars visible but they do not take attention dramatically, by keeping moisture scalp, scars will disappear within a week to ten days.

Will I need to be absent from work too long?

that Depending on the surgery type, and the work you do, and often you can go to work the next day, a hair transplant surgeon will discus this issue with you during consultation.

Are hair transplant expensive? What is the cost of hair transplant in Your Hair Center?

The hair transplant more expensive than wigs, but the permanent results, and the return the natural hair to balding area permanently, makes people believe that the long-term costs are perfectly acceptable, also hair transplant cost depends on the quality of materials, equipment and expertise in the hair transplant process, We in Your Hair Center, strive to provide the successful hair transplant at affordable prices. we hope that our patients enjoy best results, and certainly the hair-growing area also affect the cost, the prices of hair transplant in eyebrows or chin different from the scalp.

What is the required number of sessions?

The number of sessions will depend on the scalp state that are untreatable, number and size of grafts used, and the density of hair, also the patient’s health status and patient age.

For example, the bristles will give the look thick compared to the soft hair, it is possible to discuss the estimated number of sessions with the surgeon during the consultation.

The number of follicles per session

can full vacuum cultivation area in a single session and pick out the maximum of the follicle, but this depends on the region of empty space and the density of the donor area, the number of follicles excerpted in a single session of up to 4,500 follicles.

The number of hairs that grow from a single follicle?

Estimates of the number of hairs that grow from a single follicle of a single hair and four hairs, this depends on the strength of the follicle and nutrition

How is the anesthesia process and whether general or topical anesthesia?

Inject the patient’s head with a number of anesthesia needles on the entire perimeter of the head until the pain disappears and the needle is anesthesia topically.

The reason of swelling of the face after transplant?

The reason of the swelling is due to the descent of the injected material in the scalp to the face which leads to swelling of the face, will disappears after several days.

Are transplanted hair falling out after the operation?

After the operation, transplanted hair loss begins and continues until month and a half, and then the new hairs start growing and will continue until the eighth month.

When new hair grows?

At the beginning of the third month after the operation, a new hair starts to grow gradually, and the results show almost complete after eight months.

How hair density is after transplant?

Depending on the number of transplanted hair follicles cultivated and the strength of follicles in the donor area density vary, but in general the density of hair will not up to after hair transplant to density before transplant, and hair density of up to 70% than it was before planting.

Is diabetes, pressure or anemia affects hair transplant?

When the sugar level before breakfast is 300 or 200, the operation can be made, but under the supervision of a specialist doctor. If the pressure was 18 and up to 20 hair transplant can be made under specialist doctor , but if the pressure is above the level of 20 must take the appropriate treatments for a certain period, after that the operation can be made. Anemia is one of the main reasons for hair loss, where the follicles die due to lack of blood supply, which is the basic element to feed the follicle.

What is age-appropriate for transplant hair?

After reaching the age of 20 years, anyone can have a hair transplant without problems, but I always prefer to wait until the final stop hair loss before resorting to hair transplant to avoid the emergence of new empty areas in the head.

Why I get itchy after a hair transplant and when it goes away?

The cause of itching issuing razor to shave the hair before the operation, when you wash the donor area two days after the operation and rub well on a daily basis, Itching will disappear.

Can I put a hat after hair transplant?

Hat can be put after the operation, but it should be a high hat, to do not touch the surface of the implant head, but after the operation for 12 days after the tenth hair wash can put any hat you desire.

Is sex after the operation allowed?

Sex after the operation is prohibited for a period of at least ten days to avoid any exertion may harm transplanted follicles.

Is smoking and alcohol permitted?

Alcohol is prohibited during the first ten days after the operation after that can be taking in small chutes, but smoking is advised to mitigate it as much as possible during the first year of transplant.

Is the exercise safe after the operation?

Considered to exercise safe after a month and a half of operation on condition of not spending any efforts and avoiding sweating.

Do I need to Plasma needles after a month and half after the transplants?

Plasma needle can be taken after a month and a half of the operation to make the transplanted hair stronger and fueled even more, and can also take the plasma needle once a year because it is very beneficial for the hair.

Is the hair transplant suitable in burns and accidents areas in the head?

It suitables, but by the degree of burning or scarring, so the burning area submit a test if the area has blood in it, we can transplant in full.

Does the hair transplant leave scars or traces on the scalp?

Never, the hair transplant in modern way doesn’t leave any scares at all.

Does the picked follicle from the donor area grow again?

the picked follicle from the donor area doesn’t grow again, that’s why we make sure of the intensity of the donor area before taking the follicles of them, and we don’t take a lot of hair follicles from one place, because it leaves a vacuum in the head but we chose follicles carefully with big spaces to not leave a mark at all.

Is the hair transplant possible in the case of genetically baldness?

Yes, the hair transplant possible in the case of genetically baldness, and the follicles cultivated and grow well without any complications.

The reason of coarser hair after the hair transplant.?

the hair have the feel of the coarser at the beginning , and after shaving the hair with scissors more than three times, smoothness back by the nature of the basic hair.

Is the hair transplant possible in case of (psoriasis) or alopecia?

you should see the doctor to check before making the transplants and treatment the entire psoriasis, if the alopecia is constant, can do the transplant but if the alopecia is movable ,can’t do the transplant.

Is the hair transplant possible in the case of the weakness of the donor area?

Transplant can be in this situation if the chin or chest hair is so thick that it is hiring of the follicles of the chin or chest hair to take the most possible number of follicles.

from where starts the specific transplant area in front of the head?

The front area of the head account by 1 centimeter or one finger from another crimp on the forehead when raising eyebrows.

Is it permissible to dye hair after transplant?

Yes, but after six months from the operation.

Is the hair transplant possible for women?

The hair transplant for women possible as men without a difference.

When I can shaving the head after transplant?

Three months after at least could shave the head with scissors only, and eight months after you can use the machine. The code can’t use only after one year after the transplant.

Is the transplant possible you for eyelash eye?

It is naturally possible using blinking equipment for eyelash eye transplant.

What is the donor area to take the follicles?

Donor areas of follicles are posterior region of the head, and the area under the chin, and chest area, and in some cases can take some of the follicles of the legs.

Does the Alminnoxadan cause hair loss?

It is treatment to stop hair loss before resorting to hair transplant, but if you stop using it ,the hair falls completely and follicles die, so it considered a double-edged sword and should be used only with the advice of a specialist.

Do the blow dry and gel cause hair loss?

Gel and blow dry from the causes of hair loss because the chemicals in the gel damage the hair roots and high heat from the blow dry burns the follicles.

What is the stem cell?

Stem cells (or root or primary cells or basic or origin) cells have the ability to divide, reproduce and renew themselves. It is capable of forming an adult cell, and its importance comes from their ability to form any type of specialized cell types like muscle cells , liver cells ,nerve cells, skin cells and hair follicles.

What is stem cell therapy?

Therapy using stem cells is the transplant of human cells or animal cells to compensate the damaged tissue in an attempt to cure diseases. Cellular therapy and gene therapy could be used together for better results. Any use of stem cells for the treatment or prevention of a disease or a particular situation. This method is a preventive treatment for hair loss in the early stages. it is also a successful way to promote hair proportion of people infected with alopecia that may cause hair falling completely head hair and do not want to do hair transplant, and when they use it during the process of hair transplantation, they contribute significantly in the success of the operation.

Do a hair transplant by robot successful?

It does not consider successful, because the robot pick only the follicles that produce three or four hairs, so the number of follicles taken a bit and the intensity of the transplanted hair will be few and unsatisfactory, sometimes after the end of robot from hair transplant, specialists use their hands to increase the number of follicles, thus could double operation time and the results will not be guaranteed.

How to open the channel ?

Channel Open by a medical scalpel, by doing a small incision in the scalp to transplant the bulb inside, In Your Hair Center we open channel by a circular needle have a diameter close to follicle’s diameter, so does not have any impact or damage to neighboring follicles.

What is the method of FUE ?

It is the newest hair transplant way, we pick out the largest possible number of hair follicles from the donor area, using a special device that dug a channel around the follicle and withdrawn from the scalp without hurting neighboring follicles, and the follicles planting in empty areas after opening a receiving channels in it.

Is it necessary to shave the hair before hair transplant?

Hair transplant can be without shaving, but preferably haircuts to do more accurate hair transplant, and make clear space for work, thereby get the best results.

Is the hair transplant for condensation possible?

Condensation is divided into two parts: First, we can condensation through PRP needles or Mesotherapy treatment. The second is through transplant in certain ways so that does not cause any damage to the adjacent follicles.

How is the eyebrow transplant?

first Wash the donor area well with alcohol, and drugged it with lidocaine cream 4%, preferably leaving extracted follicles for a long adequacy, until it is inserted in the target area easily by a French needle, under magnification microscopic precise. determined units pick carefully, then the doctor pick single units only among the multiple units and be loaded with a portion of the hair follicle, that is the advantage of FUE technology, which is based on pick a part of follicles, this unit is excerpted accuratly, and fit to transplant in brows and eyelashes. After completion of pick out the hair from the donor area, the doctor starts to instill those hairs in the receiving area, uses magnification microscopic precise, so he can incorporate flour hair in place and correct angle of growth. To make such a move should be as accurate retort French needle, doctor use it to install hair accurately.

How to transplant the beard and mustache

by applying “FUE hair transplant technique” on each of the beard and mustache, this procedure is relatively simple, it is possible that the process takes 3-9 hours depending on the size of the area to be covered and the number of follicles excerpted.

During the procedure, Dr. select the donor area in the back of the head for the transplant of the beard or mustache and chin aspects. usually thin or high hair  transplanted in the beard is taken from the side of the head.

After select the donor area, the doctor open incubator channels similar to the trends of the original hair growth. numb the area using local anesthetic, then he take necessary follicles and puts it in hypothermosol solution which preserves the follicles life, untill he opens channels to put follicles. Where they are planted the one after another well, at the right angles, to give the largest possible intensity, and make sure the patient get a 100% natural appearance.

Is it permissible to pick out follicles and transplanted from one person to another person?

The follicles cann’t picking out and transplanted from one person to another person because the body will reject it on the basis of foreign objects will not be successful

What is the follicle cloning process?

There is no such thing as a cloning of the follicle, but there is a way to treat the follicles and enlarged by stem cell therapy.