eyebrow transplant

first Wash the donor area well with alcohol, and drugged it with lidocaine cream 4%, preferably leaving extracted follicles for a long adequacy, until it is inserted in the target area easily by a French needle, under magnification microscopic precise. determined units pick carefully, then the doctor pick single units only among the multiple units and be loaded with a portion of the hair follicle, that is the advantage of FUE technology, which is based on pick a part of follicles, this unit is excerpted accuratly, and fit to transplant in brows and eyelashes. After completion of pick out the hair from the donor area, the doctor starts to instill those hairs in the receiving area, uses magnification microscopic precise, so he can incorporate flour hair in place and correct angle of growth. To make such a move should be as accurate retort French needle, doctor use it to install hair accurately.