transplant the beard and mustache

by applying “FUE hair transplant technique” on each of the beard and mustache, this procedure is relatively simple, it is possible that the process takes 3-9 hours depending on the size of the area to be covered and the number of follicles excerpted.

During the procedure, Dr. select the donor area in the back of the head for the transplant of the beard or mustache and chin aspects. usually thin or high hair  transplanted in the beard is taken from the side of the head.

After select the donor area, the doctor open incubator channels similar to the trends of the original hair growth. numb the area using local anesthetic, then he take necessary follicles and puts it in hypothermosol solution which preserves the follicles life, untill he opens channels to put follicles. Where they are planted the one after another well, at the right angles, to give the largest possible intensity, and make sure the patient get a 100% natural appearance.